has created a toxic environment.

For many trans people, social media is an essential avenue of support; coping when this source of support turns toxic is bad enough, but it is made worse when their accounts are suspended, cutting.

Forget toxic Twitter debates: the UK isn’t as divided on trans rights as you think | Luke Tryl | The Guardian. .



Chapter 5: The silencing effect. The only good subreddits left in the trans community is this place and r/Transmedical. .

Twitter is failing to respect women's rights online and has become a toxic place for women.

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This isn't the first travel advisory the NAACP has issued over.


Twitter; LinkedIn; Email;. Toxic trans debate is making me afraid | Letters Living in Scotland, I am deeply concerned about the gender recognition reform bill: any dissenting views are shouted down as.

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Her views are damaging to real people – people who are already disproportionately marginalised – and are downright dangerous. . People communicate there hatefully and spread misinformation.

. . . RT @weskersstars: (rts appreciated) Hello! My name is Chris and I am a young queer trans writer living in a toxic environment. . I don’t know what book it is, but its open on page 183.


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‘Many people shared respect for trans people’s bravery and gratitude.